Success Stories

Maryan The Divine Mercy Foundation provides food, shelter, medical care, and education to Iraq's most vulnerable people. The following stories illustrate some of the real needs experienced in Iraq and the real results that the organizations we sponsor achieved:

  • Raised $95,210.23 to support our current programs

  • Filled and shipped a 40' container with disaster relief goods to internally displaced people of Iraq that was distributed to 940 families:
      - 300 Families in 3 smaller towns around Duhok
      - 600 Families in some towns around north of Zakho
      - 40 Families in a small town around Suliamanya area
  • Distributed a value package worth 150,000 Iraqi Dinars to 70 families through our Lady of Salivation Charitable Organization in Baghdad
  • Contributed to Campaigned Together Mission to fill a container with disaster relief aids shipped to South of Iraq
  • Contributed to the Mission of helping Iraqi Refugees in Jordan.
  • Allocated $4000 US toward helping orphans that lost their parents during ISIS invasion.
  • Partnered with other Canadian charities to distribute collected aids that was more fitting for those in need in other countries.
  - Mission for the poor in Canada
  - Welcome Home Children Center Mission in Haiti
  - Canadian Food for Children (International Mission)
  - Mission to serve an Orphanage in Guatemala
  - Heralds of the Gospel Mission in Brazil

Sahar Koki

Sahar Koki is a young lady, while she was temporarily residing in Turkey away from home, waiting for a refugee settlement in Canada got sick and lost her ability to move. She was diagnosed with a mass in her spine that put her at a great risk of a complete paralysis. Her family asked MTDMF for an immediate and urgent help The medical report been translated from Turkish to English and a Neurologist in Canada been consulted to confirm the medical urgency. The cost for the surgery was $25,000 US and immediate funding was needed. The surgeon felt that the family is in a great need and due to Sahar's young age and the financial situation he dropped the fee to $10,000 US. MTDMF was able to contribute half of the cost and helped to make a difference in Sahar's well-being and future.

St. Joseph Center:

Maryan the Divine Mercy Foundation is involved in not only putting mentally and physically challenged children in school, but also equipping the schools where these children study, so that children can have access to quality education that meet their individual need. Maryan the Divine Mercy Foundation provided also the funds for the purchase of a school bus for St. Joseph Center, to transport the children to and from the Center.