Maryan God lent us for a little time a child of His to tend and to mind, the child name was Maryan. Maryan's life was testimony of faith. She always had a smile on her face. She suffered and endured with silent hope that one day her health will be fully restored. She had a loving heart that cherished the moments of joy in spite of all she was going through. She was little but wise beyond her years. She stood tall in her deep faith for the Lord. Her work on earth is done. She gathered people from all around in prayerful adoration. God's love was profound. The day Maryan was born, a seed of joy was planted in our hearts. Despite the pain and suffering surrounding this seed through Maryan's life and death, the seed grew and became a joyful flower. Since Maryan went home this flower has thirsted for acts of mercy to nourish it and grow it. May the merciful hearts choose MTDMF as the place to forward their love.