Maryan the Divine Mercy Foundation

Maryan the Divine Mercy Foundation launched a humanitarian campaign mobilizing a surge of love for the extremely vulnerable children, elderly and families in Iraq, assisting local organizations that benefit the physically and mentally challenged children, the disadvantaged and neglected elderly, the impoverished families of Iraq.

The Maryan the Divine Mercy Foundation support programs for the most vulnerable in Iraq while aiming for the safety and well-being of all individuals of deprived situations, providing them with:

  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Meals
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Loving care and guidance in a family oriented home or institution

Charitable contributions from people like you make it possible for us to support these programs in Iraq, and so much more. Please support our mission. You can count on us to be good stewards of your generous donation, helping vulnerable children, elderly and deprived individuals where the need is greatest with whatever they need the most. You can help make a difference by supporting all the work that the Maryan the Divine Mercy Foundation does to help people in need in Iraq.